At last! You’ve found it!

An estate agent shows a family a lovely house
The home made just for you. It has your name all over it.

Now all you have to do is buy it.

There’s going to be an auction…

You do your sums. You ask the agent what it will go for (it’s in your budget!). You check every nook, every cranny, every powerpoint, every cupboard. You get it inspected. No stone unturned.

Comes the day. You’re ready. Ready for anything.

“Do I hear …?”

You’re knocked out at the first bid. A developer is going to knock your house down.

But, but, but…

The agent promised it wouldn’t be anything like that high. Promised!

She imagines bliss, the estate agent imagines money

It starts to sink in.

The agent wanted you there. Wanted as many buyers as he could get to impress the seller and, when buyers saw how much interest there was, they’d think the home was loved by everyone and they would go hard.

You were just a bit player.


What happened?

The Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics has just been awarded and it’s all about auctions. It sheds light on where you went wrong and could save you a heap of pain.

Your problem? You just didn’t know enough.

Is it time you knew more?

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